Ill Met In Phandalin

Battle in the Old Forge

Fires burn in the darkness beneath the earth

After many travels and travails, the party freed Gundren Rockseeker and made their way into the darkness of Wave Echo Cave, the lost mine of Phandelver's Pact.  Riswynn and Gretchen had been seperated during several battles in low-ceilinged, ghoul invested tunnels of the old mine, though Gretchen was able to find the party.  Meanwhile, the encrouching darkness and ceasless pounding of mysterious waves wore upon the mind of poor Roscoe, causing him to develop paranoid fears of the darkness and of the skill and intent of his companions.

After many battles and misadventures, they came upon the Old Forge, deep within the mountains, where withered, undead dwarvish smiths continued to work ore into metal after five centuries of death.  Like a spectral overseer was a floating dwarvish skull, wreathed in green-flame.  The heroes—Roscoe, Lorenelle, and Gretchen—attacked the skull, and were almost killed by the fireball the undead monster unleashed.  However, Lorenelle used their own scroll of fireball to destroy the encroaching dwarvish zombies, and Roscoe and Gretchen were able to shatter the flame skull with well-aimed fire from bow and pistol.

However, even as the party investigated the captured forge, Lorenelle caught the faint sound of something creeping down the corridors behind them…


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