Ill Met In Phandalin

North to Thundertree

Following the advice of Roscoe’s aunt Qelline, the party decided to seek out the help of the druid Reidoth, said to have recently headed north to Thundertree. Purchasing two riding horses (and steeling the Alderleaf family riding mastiff Ruffles) the party headed overland, skirting the edge of Neverwinter Wood.

A half-day’s march south of Thundertree, they discovered an towering, overgrown statue of Linnaeus Tresendar, hero in the wars seven centuries past against the uruk hordes of the the Sword Coast. While investigating the statue, a sentry of goblins hiding behind the ancient memorial’s base and on its shoulder and crown ambushed the party, killing one horse and the dog Ruffles before being overwhelmed by the party’s counterattack.

Two of the goblin ambushers were captured, the rest killed. Under extreme duress, the two survivors revealed the general location of Cragmaw Castle—in the southern reaches of Neverwinter Wood, only a day’s ride from Phandalin. The goblins did not survive the interrogation, and the bodies of the goblin warparty was burnt that night at the base of Linneus’s statue.

The next day, the party continued on to Thundertree, deciding to see if Reidoth could offer any further aid in fighting the Cragmaws and rescuing Gundren Rockseeker…


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