Sildar Hallwinter

Former griffon knight and agent of order in Phandalin



Sildar is a sixty year old sellsword and veteran of the griffon cavalry of Waterdeep, as well as a member of the Lord’s Alliance of the Sword Coast. His build is powerful and hardy, especially for a man his age, and he is kindhearted and friendly, though impatient with incompetents. He strokes his beard as he thinks and speaks.

Sildar is bound to obey his Lords’ orders, even if they cause misery; in the end, the interests of the Waterdeep and the Lord’s Alliance is all that matters. Sildar knows about the disappearance of Iarno Albrek, as well as the fact that the Rockseeker brothers have discovered the entrance to the lost Wave Echo Cave. Albrek saved Sildar’s life on the battlefield; to this day, he will never leave a friend behind.

Over the decades, Sildar has become a talented amateur lutenist, though he doesn’t often bring it up.

Sildar Hallwinter

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