Ill Met In Phandalin

Glimmers in the dark

Separated from the party in the aftermath of the battle of the Old Forge, Orlando Salazar wandered in the darkness of Wave Echo Cave, eventually discovering the Forge of Spells and tricking the Spectator who guarded that it was dismissed of its ancient contract. There Orlando found and claimed the Arkenstone of Phandelver, a strange, shining trapezohedron that rested on the anvil of the Forge of Spells.

Battle in the Old Forge
Fires burn in the darkness beneath the earth

After many travels and travails, the party freed Gundren Rockseeker and made their way into the darkness of Wave Echo Cave, the lost mine of Phandelver's Pact.  Riswynn and Gretchen had been seperated during several battles in low-ceilinged, ghoul invested tunnels of the old mine, though Gretchen was able to find the party.  Meanwhile, the encrouching darkness and ceasless pounding of mysterious waves wore upon the mind of poor Roscoe, causing him to develop paranoid fears of the darkness and of the skill and intent of his companions.

After many battles and misadventures, they came upon the Old Forge, deep within the mountains, where withered, undead dwarvish smiths continued to work ore into metal after five centuries of death.  Like a spectral overseer was a floating dwarvish skull, wreathed in green-flame.  The heroes—Roscoe, Lorenelle, and Gretchen—attacked the skull, and were almost killed by the fireball the undead monster unleashed.  However, Lorenelle used their own scroll of fireball to destroy the encroaching dwarvish zombies, and Roscoe and Gretchen were able to shatter the flame skull with well-aimed fire from bow and pistol.

However, even as the party investigated the captured forge, Lorenelle caught the faint sound of something creeping down the corridors behind them…

To slay a dragon...

In a show of cunning, teamwork, and extraordinary halfling luck, Lorenelle, Reidoth, Riswynn, and Roscoe accomplish the impossible—the slaying of the Dragon of Thundertree.

North to Thundertree

Following the advice of Roscoe’s aunt Qelline, the party decided to seek out the help of the druid Reidoth, said to have recently headed north to Thundertree. Purchasing two riding horses (and steeling the Alderleaf family riding mastiff Ruffles) the party headed overland, skirting the edge of Neverwinter Wood.

A half-day’s march south of Thundertree, they discovered an towering, overgrown statue of Linnaeus Tresendar, hero in the wars seven centuries past against the uruk hordes of the the Sword Coast. While investigating the statue, a sentry of goblins hiding behind the ancient memorial’s base and on its shoulder and crown ambushed the party, killing one horse and the dog Ruffles before being overwhelmed by the party’s counterattack.

Two of the goblin ambushers were captured, the rest killed. Under extreme duress, the two survivors revealed the general location of Cragmaw Castle—in the southern reaches of Neverwinter Wood, only a day’s ride from Phandalin. The goblins did not survive the interrogation, and the bodies of the goblin warparty was burnt that night at the base of Linneus’s statue.

The next day, the party continued on to Thundertree, deciding to see if Reidoth could offer any further aid in fighting the Cragmaws and rescuing Gundren Rockseeker…

The story so far...

The heroes were hired by the dwarven merchant Gundren Rockseeker to escort a wagon of mining supplies safely through the goblin-infested wilderness to the tiny frontier town of Phandalin. The dwarf and his bodyguard, Ser Sildar Hallwinter, then left ahead of them to “take care of some final business”. However, half a day out from Phandalin, they discovered that their employer and his bodyguard had been ambushed and kidnapped by goblins of the local Cragmaw nation.

After fighting off goblin ambushers and tracking them back to their hideout in the foothills near Phandalin, the heroes were able to clear the cave of Cragmaw and rescue Ser Sildar. However, Gundren had been sent away by the band’s captain to “Cragmaw Keep”, the goblins’ fortress somewhere in the dense forests north of Phandalin.

The heroes escorted Sildar back to Phandalin, where the discovered the town was overrun by the mercenaries of the Redbrand Brotherhood. After a series of conflicts with the Redbrands in Phandalin, they snuck into the Redbrand stronghold under the abandoned manor outside of town. They cleared out the fortress, killing the head of the Redbrands, the corrupt wizard Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek. In his effects, they discovered a letter from the mysterious Cabinet of Faces, as well as a small icon of the dark god Nyarlathotep.

After resting, the party has begun the search for Cragmaw Castle, while simultaneously attempting to deal with several local threats to Phandalin now that their town guard has been effectively eliminated…

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